Monday, September 6, 2010


So I did it! But holy crap am I tired. I realized this morning that I saw the sun go down on Sunday night and didn't see it come up again until Tuesday morning. Now I'm all weirded out that the sun made it all the way around once and a half in the time it took me to go half. Because I'm too tired to be thinking about things like that. all went well, I have all my luggage, which means I am going to have to kill my brother to apease some gods at some point, but it's not that big of a deal. He knew it was coming. Uhh ok, highlights, in chronological order if I can.

1. Since I was flying through US airspace, I had to go through US security, and the guy I got was a dick, and also, I stumbled on my name because I forgot (like I usually do) that I have a middle name. Because who uses their middle names? Whatever, made it through but he rattled me.

2. Watched The Last Airbender on first flight to LA. Moved M.N Shyamalan to the top of the "must pay for his actions" list, beating out Sarah Palin.

3. Made friends with a middle aged Chinese couple on the flight to Beijing. They didn't speak English and I don't speak Chinese. It was wunderbar. I think I made out that they had gone to the US for their 25th wedding anniversary, and they are from Shanxi province, they told me to buy a phone when I got here, and I think they made a joke about me getting married in Xining. And then I had to explain to some Mexicans that I didn't understand a word of what these people were saying to me, I was just pretending to because I was too tired to try anymore.

4. Air China food is THE BEST. THE BEST.

5. have you ever been on the 3D ride at Canada's Wonderland? I have the best idea for one ever. It should be called "CHINA CAB RIDE". If I wasn't so tired and like half hallucinogenic I probably woud have been terrified. As it was I was like "THIS WOULD BE THE COOLEST VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE EVER!"...because you know, sometimes reality isn't enough LOL.

6. At one point I finally got to sleep on the plane, but for some reason I dreamed that a squirrel had gotten into a house that we were having a party at, and that it had crawled up my arm and was sitting on my shoulder. Naturally, I am terrified of squirrels (I have enough evidence to assume they are spawn of the devil and totally in cahoots with the geese). And I could FEEL this squirrel sitting on my shoulder. So I woke myself up by throwing my pillow, which was perched between my should and my head (exactly where the squirrel was), pretty much at the guy sitting across the aisle from me. If he saw it, it probably looked absolutely retarded. I tried to think of a more politically correct term but I couldn't...that's exactly what it would have looked like. If any of you guys had seen it you would have laughed till you cried. Oh well.

I screwed up the chronological order, but you can figure it out. It is definitely sleepy times and then buy a phone times for me.



  1. I'm excited for you! Phones are important and so is sleep! Keep us posted ~ Nishan

  2. I was so convinced that you spelled cahoots wrong that I googled it. After getting the album by The Band as a result I started reading Wikipedia's page on The Band. I now know everything about The Band.

    That is, thus far, the most tangible direct result of you going to China.

  3. This is so fake oh my god you aren't in China I saw yo[u like just recenty you LIAR.

  4. Glad you got there safely hun.

    So here's the are (correct me if I'm wrong) a mere 2.5 hrs ahead of my time thus making it so much easier to chat with you than people on the other side of the globe. We will now be best of friends! And then we can tell those other people about how awesome the future is...mainly cause we're in it.

    Enjoy China! Talk soon :)

  5. I agree with Angela. And I defintely wish I could've been there for the pillow-throwing spectacle. Are you on Lariam by chance?

  6. haha, sounds like a memorable ride over.

  7. Glad to hear you got there safe. Make a 'good' (or badass) impression of Canadians wherever you go.

  8. I think I like your blog. Enjoy the food .. cause it's great and there's nothing like it in Canada...

  9. you're alive!! glad your journey was a memorable one...and a safe one!

  10. Glad you arrived safely. Enjoy the experience.

  11. oh, by the way I have had to use my middle initial for years... too many brothers and sisters with "b" names

  12. Middle name is Nicole...I frequently forget it exists haha.

    ANd no Becky, I just dream like that all the time normally. I wake up from spazzing out all the time.

    Richelle- YES.

    Liz- CHICKEN HEADS. That is all.

    And thanks everyone else for commenting! It's good to know people are reading.

  13. "I have enough evidence to assume they are spawn of the devil and totally in cahoots with the geese" bbaaahhhhaaaa I died. Okay remember first year sleep with a easy press umbrella in hand and you'll be fine. Also I totally miss you already! have a blast and then hurry on back here!