Monday, August 18, 2014

2 weeks left in Korea

And that makes 2 years living and working in Daejeon! I fly to Hong Kong on September 3. I'll talk about that later. First, let me tell you about how leaving Korea after two years feels...

I am more than ready to leave Daejeon. I probably shouldn't have stayed here the second year...but that cash incentive was too good to turn down. My first year here wasn't boring, because everything was new and exciting and amazing. But in the second year the novelty faded and I realized I was living in what many Koreans would agree might be the most boring city in Korea. There's so many reasons you might think this, but these reasons might also be the reason you like living in a smaller quieter city, so let's not get picky and go into too many details. I just like big dirty dangerous cities filled with weird people who wear weird clothes and have weird hairstyles. I can't help it. To summarize, one of the key feelings I feel is READY. I'm ready to go. And when you're ready to leave, it makes it much easier. There are many many PEOPLE (the guys in tight pants) I will miss...but there's lots of THINGS (terrible work computer, why do the banks close at 4, etc.) I won't. So ya, it was good, and I'm certainly glad I opted to move to Korea two years ago, but it's time to go, at least for a while (dun dun dunnnn).

So let's talk about the exciting part! What's next? As mentioned, first stop is Hong Kong on Sept. 3. I have some friends living there so I'm expecting it will be a pretty great time, even though it's pretty effing hot there at the moment. I'll fly from Hong Kong on Sept. 11 to Chiang Mai, Thailand, and head straight to Laos from there. I'll travel through Laos for two weeks then go back into Thailand for another two with a friend from Daejeon. This part is gonna feel like a vacation compared to the next part haha. In the middle of October I'll head back to Hong Kong and take the overnight train into Shanghai to visit some friends from Toronto who are living there now! Then I'll be whizzing around China for the next month (that place is huge man) trying to see as much as possible and visit some more Chinese friends while I'm at it. In the middle of November my friend and I will fly into Myanmar for 2 weeks. Beginning of December we're headed to Kuala Lampur, Malaysia for a day layover in which we are going to eat everything, and then headed to Kathmandu Nepal. Last time I was there I didn't get a chance to do any trekking, so that's the priority, although I think I convinced my travel buddy to do the shortest one (still 5 days!!) because the next shortest is 9-10 days or 7-12 days :/. Like, I love watching the Lord of the Rings...but I don't think actually doing all that walking is appealing...especially without a wizard. Or a sense of impending doom if I don't. That would be the kind of motivator I would need for that. Anyway, 2-3 weeks in Nepal (I'm going to have to wait for my Indian visa there until I get it....but it SHOULDN'T slow us down), and then off to India. No flight has been booked yet, but we are considering flying into the South and working out way up North. But if we're feeling pretty broke we may still go overland from Nepal to Varanasi instead, although that doesn't sound pleasant at all. India is gonna take 2 months because there's soooooooo much to see and apparently it takes a few days to even adjust to each new place you go. So we'll be finished in India sometime toward the end of February, at which point I will review my finances and most likely fly back towards SE Asia to hit the countries I missed: Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia. I'm thinking I will be back in Canada sometime next spring or early summer, when the weather gets warm, because that last January visit was toooo coooold haha.

So that's what's up. If you've always wanted to travel in Asia but never had anyone to go with you've been offered your chance haha. And for Psy's sake don't ask me what I'm doing after I get back to Canada. That's just rude guys. Keep it to yourselves. I'll tell you when I know hahaha. YOU THINK I'M NOT THINKING ABOUT THAT!? Jeez.

Oh PS- I paid off the last of my student loans a month or two ago. *bows* thank you thankyou!

OK that's all for now. I am spending the rest of my week trying to liquidate my's hard! I found FOUR ethernet cables in a box. That doesn't include the one I'm using. Who accumulates that many ethernet cables in 2 years? My Macbook air doesn't even HAVE an ethernet port. What is wrong with me?

Much love,


P.S. again - if anyone has any travel tips, must see places, overrated spots, good companies, knows any locals, please let me know!!!