Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Special Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Belated Thanksgiving Canada! I haven't really done anything to celebrate it here to be honest. Last year I skyped into the g-rents place and said hi to everyone (and blew my great Uncle Jim's mind with the wonders of technology haha), but this year the time difference wasn't going to work out. I think hands-down mine and everyone else's favourite part of Thanksgiving is the food. I hadn't really been thinking about it, but then some jerk somewhere must've reminded me of the existence of pumpkin pie, and now all I can think about is pumpkin pie. Apparently I can get it at Costco, but honestly, I know I will just be disappointed by it. Pie that you buy is ALWAYS unfulfilling. Oh well. I hope everyone else enjoyed their pie this weekend, including my stupid brat brother and his entire pie that he probably won't even eat all of.

What else is new? You're getting a surprise blog post because I'm bored at work. Because tomorrow is a field trip day and all the kids I teach are going to Seoul to watch a movie and look at a building? I don't know they didn't explain very well. Not only do they not speak English, they are 11. Getting information from them is not easy. So I have nothing to prepare for tomorrow, and my coteacher are gone, and I'm all alone and I'm soo boorrrrrreeed. And of course there are things I could be doing, like making sure my money transfer worked or trying to learn Korean or looking up FLIGHTS TO THAILAND or something like that, but I don't feel like doing it. I feel like communicating with people and maybe even interacting with them. So here we are.

On Monday I bought a bike. On Tuesday I broke it. I tried to shift gears and I mangled the thing that feeds the chain into the gears and also the plastic bit that protects the gears. Bent and snapped respectively. I bought it from one of those crappy little shady bike shops for about 50 bucks, which is really cheap for a bike here. Probably a bad idea all in all. The guy didn't speak English at all and he looked kind of annoyed the entire time I was trying to buy it. So now I am trying to work up the motivation to take it back to him and try to get a refund, or at least get him to buy it back from me for slightly cheaper if that's what I have to settle for. And if that doesn't work I'm going to just leave it outside and hope that someone steals it...which seems like the least amount of effort anyway. My roomate in Toronto was really smart with soon as it happened I was like "AGH Pete would know what to do!" So Toronto gets to score a point over Korea in the bikes department. That's Korea 10 and Toronto, like, 2.

There is a Wine Festival this weekend, which should be a good time! The weather is warmer here than back home but it's cooling off pretty fast. I've still been getting away with no jacket and bare feet, so I am completely content. I need to start thinking of a costume for Halloween...any ideas let me know. I also need/want to start thinking about/planning my winter vacation time. All I know for sure is that I'm going somewhere warm. China can wait until it's not freezing cold like I know it will be. I'm thinking Thailand Cambodia maybe Vietnam? I only have 2 weeks, so I don't want to stretch it too thin ya know?

OK that's likely all for now, workday coming to an end :) Thanks for tuning in, I'll see ya'll next time around. Hell, maybe tomorrow. Maybe I will write TWO posts tomorrow. I'm gonna be super bored. Apparently only the 2nd and 1st graders will be here with their teachers...everyone else in the damn school is gone. Maybe they will let me hang out with the first graders haha

OK, much love!


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