Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Every day...

I'm just kidding. But as predicted, I've got all my work done up to next Wednesday and there's 2 hours to go of this workday. I was warned that I'd be doing some deskwarming, so whatever. It's not a big deal, I'm just bored and it's a beautiful fall day outside and I want to go for a bike ride and have a picnic by the river. Oh ya! My bike is fixed. THe crusty old Korean man fixed it without saying a word basically, for free, and then shooed me away. Luckily, the man who owns the garage right beside the bike place was a little more curious about the foreigner with a broken bike and also I said hi to his 5 year old daughter the other day, so he likes me now. He informed me through gestures that I can't change the front set of gears, only the back ones. Which is kind of funny because that's EXACTLY what my crappy Toronto bike was like too. So it all worked out far better than I thought it was going to.

I was trying to think yesterday of something I could write about that wouldn't be totally boring for somebody like you to read. I think probably, knowing my family, what would go over well for sure is a day in the life! edition. I'm basically one of those day-time people now that carry about their business during daylight and only sleep until the afternoon on weekends. Which I'm totally OK with. I haven't reached the point of waking up before 6 to go for a run haha. I'm saving that for my 30s. OK, here goes.

I wake up at 6:30 am. I'm not good at rushing in the morning...I like to be lazy and eat a nice breakfast and drink a cup of tea and check up on the world and take longer than necessary to decide what to wear. Oh, it may also interest some of you to know that, similar to China, I don't have a shower. Just a shower head attached to the faucet on my sink. Which means there is a very high risk of accidentally getting showered on when I go to brush my teeth in the morning after I've got my clothes on. This is an issue haha. I seem to be incapable of learning this lesson...

I leave my house anywhere between 7:50 and 8:05...although I really should be aiming for 7:55. It all depends on whether I take a clothes on shower by accident or not haha. The morning also seems to be the best time to catch Canada on the internets and I usually have to cut off a conversation that I'm REALLY enjoying and so I leave late.

Get to school HOPEFULLY around 8:30am. Both the schools I'm at are really chill. I think I would have to be REALLY late to get in any kind of trouble for it. At one school the other teacher is always late a solid 15-20 minutes haha! Sometimes I think she isn't going to make it, and I will have these kids that barely speak English with no help from the computer, which I don't know the password for...and these kids are nuts. All hormonal and crazy. Being a preteen ain't easy. But she always shows up just in time, so it's ok.

Next, I generally teach classes all or almost all morning. 4 of them. Then lunch. Let me tell you about how much I love lunch here: LUNCH IS AWESOME. Basically, there is a caf that cooks food for the kids and the staff. The younger kids eat for free, the older kids have to pay a bit although I hear that all of them will get free food starting next year. I have to pay for it too, but not very much. And it's totally delicious Korean food. There is always rice, always kimchi, always soup. Usually there is something that tastes like fish, something that is too spicy for me to eat very much of and something that is pork/beef/chicken. And I gotta be honest. It's better than Chinese food. It just is.

Usually in the afternoon I have at most one class right after lunch. Then I'm at my desk until 4:30. Usually I've totally got stuff to work on for classes the next day and stuff, but because of this whole entire day of just sitting here I'm pretty caught up on everything. You know what I could/should be doing and will maybe do some of after I'm done this post? Learn Korean. Wouldn't that be smart? And a good use of my time?

I get home from work around 5 and usually don't do anything super exciting after that. Might go grab some dinner with friends, might go buy some things I'm still missing for my place from my favourite dollar store, might do laundry...stuff like that.

Weekends have been a lot more varied for sure. There's definitely enough going on in Daejeon to keep me interested. This weekend is a wine festival thing...which is awweesommme. I've been to Seoul a couple of nights to visit a friend I know from Toronto there...been to a city called Suwon a couple of times to visit another friend and go to a huge music festival...been to the south coast, and planning a Busan trip for Halloween. The trains in Korea are great so getting around is super easy and inexpensive...UNLIKE CANADA!! I think I've also mentioned somewhere before about how bars don't close...makes weekends verrrrryyy interesting!

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