Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mopey Mary

I think everyone who does one of these placements experiences moments in which they go "holy crap I miss Canada" (or anywhere else they may call home). I mean, even with all the flaws, we really do have it good. Not once in Canada have I had to think to myself "hmm, I wonder if this person is a government spy trying to trick me into expressing my dissent". Or "I wonder if it's safe to take a picture of this, or to keep it on my computer, or to put it on the internet". Or "I wonder if that man in that car is there to watch me." Or received phone calls telling me not to come to the office for a little while because of "some problems". Or stuff like that. It's weird.

In addition to this kind of tense atmosphere in which I am paranoid about making connections with anyone who may be questioned because of it (for the SOLE reason that I am a foreigner and all my radical freedom loving ideas need to be quarantined from the Ts, because apparently indigenous people would never come up with these ideas on their own...sigh), one of my good friend's little brothers passed away in a car crash in the Clinton area on the weekend. If you've ever been unable to get home when something tragic happens then you probably understand how shitty I feel about it. Being separated from all the other people who feel shitty about it is just the worst. My friends are great and they'll help each other through it, I just wish I could go home to help them too. Sigh.

On top of all this, it was Halloween. I haven't missed a Halloween in EVER, literally. I have never missed a Halloween. Until now. And everyone's costumes were AMAZING this year. I mean, spectacular, clever, original. The works. So I'm mopey about that too.

Here's what's good: I am starting to pick up the Chinese. I can understand some of the conversations I hear. And I know how to ask certain questions now. It's getting closer, I can feel it.

Well that sucked. I'm sure things will blow over soon and I can't get back on track with work and stuff.

PS- if you have no idea what I'm talking about use Google. It is your friend.


  1. I googled "some problems" and I think you've just been told that you're fired in Mandarin.

  2. Mary!

    So sorry to hear about what you and your friend are going through. But as long as you keep your head up, you'll be fine.

    Miss you!