Friday, November 12, 2010


This is what I want for Christmas. If you've never met my family you may think this is presumptious and slightly selfish. If you are my family you might leave a comment like "Well it's about time! Christmas is only 6 weeks away!" See, I'm not doing this for me, I'm doing it for them. Here goes.

Item 1: Send me food! Unfortunately, most of the things I really really miss are perishable, but if you could send me candy (chocolate bars in particular, anything with caramel or nuts or peanut butter in it) awesome. Other potential food items include:

arrowroot cookies
peanut butter
jam (if anyone sends me homemade jam I might cry from happiness)
icing (like for cakes)
maple candy
anything pizza. ANYTHING!
instant noodles (SO KIDDKING...there are tonnes here haha)
This may not be a thing that is you should probably look into it first. I would be ecstatic if I could get my hands on a Rickard's Red or Keith's or Mill St. But sending that may not be a thing that is legal. So find out first.

Item 2: I would also love some recipes for some things:
a) those caramel square things that I keep being told only involve crackers and caramel and are delicious.
b) pie, please send me pie recipes, PLEASE. I may need you to send me that stuff you use for the crust
c) easy bread recipes (I might ask mom to bring me a bread maker machine because I'm a total wuss that can't go a year without half decent bread)
d)basically any recipe that is delicious and easy and doesn't have a lot of ingredients. Send it to me please.

Item 3: I have some places for you to donate money to. They are fantastic. I highly endorse them. And anything to can give them helps me help them. Perfect present.

1. Shem Women's Group

Work with rural Tibetan women to empower and educate in their communities. Really well organized and operated.

2. Pentok

Pentok is similar to Shem, but they focus on one village, and they have an overall goal of actually building a school in this village and encouraging girls to become educated. Also a great organization.

K guys, thanks!

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  1. 青海省 西宁市
    810007 China

    this is my address, although it might change soon. But I will be able to pick stuff up here for a while.