Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I have pictures!

Welcome, friends, to a blog where I post photos. Of my apartment.  Because I lucked out and have internet already! Also a bank account. Things happen fast here.

Okaaaay photos.

This is the view from basically my front door. Straight ahead is the bathroom, to the left is my kitchen, and to the right is THE room.

 Here we see THE room, complete with bed, desk, chair, flat screen tv mounted to the wall, and a wardrobe and shelves out of sight in the corners. The wall paper is really lovely!

And last but not least is my laundry room, which also houses the fridge and pleasant surprise microwave! It's located to the left of the room shown above.

And that concludes our tour! I'm really really happy with it. I had been warned that it might be even smaller and a lot dirtier. It's really cute, really clean, in a FANTASTIC neighbourhood, and best of all there are no gates hahaha.

I also had my first day of teaching today...I think it might end up being a pretty laid back year for me. My co-teachers seem like they might do quite a bit of the leading and I will just supplement with my native speaking skills. We'll see though, there might yet be some lesson planning in my future.

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